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The project received funding in a program announced by the Minister of Science and Higher Education, and is implemented in the project titled “Support for scientific research management and commercialization of R&D work results in research institutions and enterprises”, under the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020 (Action 4.4).

Consortium members implementing the “Innovation Incubator+” at the Silesian University of Technology”:

  • Silesian University of Technology (Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre)
  • „INNOVATIONS” Special Purpose Entity of the Silesian University of Technology

Objectives of II+ Project

Project implementation within consortium is based on an assumption, that by selecting suitable partners and creating a balanced team, it will be possible to successfully execute the following strategic objectives:

  • promotion of scientific achievements,, in order to increase University’s prestige as an innovative institution, actively engaged in the process of commercialization of research results and development works,
  • improvement of management process, regarding scientific results and development works in terms of commercialization,
  • monitoring and directing R&D works, taking into account market’s real needs, as well as key role of intellectual property rights protection,
  • increasing the implementation readiness of the identified solutions with significant application potential in the field of National Smart Specializations,
  • initiating cooperation between the scientific community and economic environment, as well as optimization of commercial order processing mechanisms.

Tasks of II+

Task 1. Initiation and improvement of the cooperation between scientific community and economy environment,including searching for entities interested in implementation of research results and development works, through promotion of technological offer and participation in exhibitions and fairs on the topic of “science to business”.

Task 2. Preparing projects for commercialization of scientific results and development works, especially those containing analysis of innovation’s market potential and analysis of their implementation readiness, as well as valuation of industrial property rights.

Task 3. Management of technology portfolio, including, in particular:

  • analysis of market needs for the identification of R&D work topics
  • monitoring and analysis of scientific research results
  • improvement of patent protection process for the identified R&D work results
  • creating new model of copyright management, together with legal documents necessary to operate the platform for commercialization of selected copyrights.

Task 4. Conducting pre-implementation work, including additional laboratory tests or adapting innovations to the needs of an interested purchaser. However, the cost of such activities cannot exceed PLN 80.000.

Task 5. Activity of Innovation Brokers

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